The Paradise of the Sub's beach


Engagement in the beach “The paradise of the Sub”

New day, new film. This time we are in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Calabrian coast. Immersed in nature, a small corner of paradise to relax for a day or a lifetime.

We arrive at the place that the weather is not the best, in fact on the street we find the classic 10-minute summer storm where it throws down water for a whole winter.

We find only a few people on the beach who are leaving when the sky opens and we find before us an indescribable show. The waves crash on the rocks and the clouds create a magical atmosphere. The chosen time is perfect and the light that filters is wonderful.

In a few days it will be the wedding of these wonderful guys and I can not wait to get to tell their love story.

The Paradise of the Sub’s beach engagement in Calabria, Carmine Cianni Italian Wedding Videography on Vimeo

Videography: Carmine Cianni

Location: The Paradise of the Sub – Calabria

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