Masseria Sanrà


Destination Wedding in Apulia

If I should describe this wedding could define it only in one way: festive! An explosion of colors that made a unique day the wedding of Arianna and Michele.

A destination wedding different from usual that has brought with it joy and fun since Michele’s house, where with him were old friends, while Arianna surrounded by the love of the family was getting ready. The emotions perceived in Arianna’s house did gush a few tears of emotion, immediately replaced by joyful smiles. The arrival of Arianna in the church, the looks with Michele, have given rise to a magnificent ceremony. Leaving the church has continued to make party, and after a quick drink at the bar with friends, the party  moved to Masseria Sanrà where the arrival of the couple on the march, in time of music, gave more joy to the day. Truly I not even remember when it stopped partying.

The time was rainy in most of the day, but not when we was outside, has in no way cut down Arianna and Michele, who were not looking for the perfect wedding, but their perfect wedding, surrounded by the love of family and old friends . Masseria Sanrà, that a few steps from Bari, welcomed us with impeccably good food and great music making this destination wedding more beautiful.

For me it was an honor to be chosen by this couple full of joy and happiness to be able to testify of a quite unique day. Thank you.


Masseria Sanrà destination wedding in Italy, Carmine Cianni Italian wedding videographer on Vimeo

Photography: Matteo Lomonte

Videography: Carmine Cianni

Location: Masseria Sanrà


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